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Hey there!!

This is me!! I'm a little bit nuts (that's a lie - I'm a lot nuts!),
I love my job, I love working alongside people to create awesomeness. I have a huge respect for people who are brave enough to just be themselves. I love hearing all about how you got to where you are today. We all have a story that defines us. And I guess I should tell you a little bit about mine... That's why you're here right?!

So I'm a farm girl from South africa who grew up singing songs to our ostriches and going on long missions with my horse, talking to her about all the beautiful things we came across on our adventures. I still believe in fairies!


I have an extremely artistic and creative family, I've always been encouraged to follow my heart. 

I studied graphic design at Vic but quickly realised that institutionalised learning was not my jam, I then went to polytech and absolutely loved it but with some crazy life changes went back into the hospitality world.


I kept doing design jobs and taking photos for friends and family on the side and before I knew it people were paying me - my passion quickly turned into a side hustle and it wasn't long before I decided to start The Nomad Creative.

The challenge of working full time, then having a small baby and quickly getting busier and busier was a juggle but I knew the hard work would pay off to me having my own little empire one day. People often tell me I should just focus on one thing, just do weddings, or just do this or that but this is the beauty of being self employed. I get to do ALL the things that make my heart happy, I get to be part of some of the most special, life changing moments in my clients lives. I get to record the memories they'll look back on forever. I get to meet some of the most interesting people ever, who have taken the plunge in working for themselves and I get to help them take photos that REALLY represent their businesses in all that they should. I get to take stunning product photography of things that people pour their hearts and souls into and I just can't get enough of it all. 

I always knew I would have a job that I love and it's really special to me to finally have that. A job where I get to help others, document special moments, encourage and get creative with people. So that's me - or a little bit of me anyway, and how I got here. If you've got questions or just want to chat flick me a message coz I'm all about making new friends.

Here are some photos of me and my beautiful family - another huge reason for me doing what I do - so I can spend the time I need to with the people I love the most!

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Lets create some magic together!