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Lovers & Life

Forget awkward posing and cheesy grins! My couples photography sessions are all about capturing the real beauty and genuine connection you share. Whether you've been together for decades or are just starting your adventure, I want to document the unique spark that makes your love story so special.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach here. Maybe you envision a romantic sunset stroll along the beach at Waitarere, fish and chips and toes sinking into the sand as the sunset paints the sky. Or perhaps your vibe is a playful date at the market, pizza and ice cream. Maybe it's a scenic walk through the forest is more your style, hand-in-hand amongst the native trees and fresh air.

The moments lie in the real connection you share. It can be a cozy home made dinner at home with your fur babies or cruising along the coast in your 4x4. You name it and we can make it happen!

These are the unscripted moments that capture you in the most authentic way possible, and that's what I'm here to snap. Ditch the expectations and embrace the real & the raw, because that's where the magic happens.

Wild & Beautiful Couple Photography Levin
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