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Studio Mini Sessions: Capture Memories, Simply & Affordably

These gorgeous sessions are a convenient and affordable way to capture beautiful photos of your loved ones. These short, focused sessions are designed to deliver gorgeous portraits without the time commitment of a full session.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Seasonal Themes: Throughout the year, my studio will be transformed with charming, seasonal setups like blossoms, blooms or Christmas set up's.

  • Quick & Easy: Mini sessions typically last 10/15 minutes, making them ideal for busy families or little ones with short attention spans.

  • Affordable Option: Compared to full photography sessions, mini sessions offer a budget-friendly way to update your family photos or capture special milestones.

Perfect for:

  • Updating Family Photos: Capture the ever-changing smiles and personalities of your loved ones throughout the year.

  • Holiday or Birthday Cards: Send warm greetings with beautiful family portraits.

  • Milestone Moments: Commemorate those special "firsts" with adorable mini session photos!

  • Just Because!: Because sometimes, you just want to capture the love and laughter of your family in a beautiful setting.

Studio Photography Levin, Mini Shoot, The Nomad Creative
Studio Photography Levin, Mini Shoot, The Nomad Creative

May Mini's

Floral Fun. Get 5 high-res photos from your 10-minute themed studio mini session!!

513 Queen Street East - please be aware that my studio is up stairs and that's our only access.


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