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This is probably one of the biggest and most exciting parties you'll plan EVER!  Some people say it's stressful, and it can be... BUT it can also be one of the funnest. Yes, funnest things you'll get to do! This is a day all about you - your love story and celebrating the life you're building with your best friend!


One of the big decisions to make is choosing your photographer and I'm going to be a bit controversial here and tell you not to just pick me. But really think about what you want... look at the style of photography you love, about the kind of things photographers you like share. If you're into moody as black and white shots, and bright and fresh photos full of colour, that just about pulls you into that moment - book a catch up with me, let's chat - ask all the questions. 

Because you've gotta spend a big part of a very important day with this person and you want to make sure you gel, if we catch up and it feels natural and you leave that meeting all buzzy and excited like I guarantee you I will be then it's right - then book it in baby - and I'll be your biggest cheerleader on your day, from helping you out with your timeline to answering all your vendor questions etc. Check out the process below...

Brackenridge Country Retreat, Wedding Photography
Backyard Wedding Photography

Step one

Let's be real, choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal! You gotta find someone whose style speaks to you - photos that feel authentic, edits that compliment your vibe, all wrapped up in a package that fits your budget.

I recommend thinking about what's important to you - talk to your photographer about that because they'll make an effort to capture your day the way you imagined it!

Rose and Smith, Wedding Photography

Step two

Next up, let's grab coffee (or wine, or maybe even a Zoom call - you do you!), and chat all things wedding! I'll get the scoop on your plans and help you create a killer timeline so you get the most out of me and your other vendors.

Plus, if you need vendor recommendations, I've got a rolodex full of amazing local talent!


But most importantly, this is your chance to see if we click. You know that feeling when you just hit it off with someone? Yeah, that's what we're going for! Because trust me, if we get along like a house on fire, your wedding photos will be pure magic.

Brackenridge Country Retreat, Wedding Photography

Step three

Not all weddings are created equal, and your photography shouldn't be either.

Let's talk about the moments that matter most to you. Do you want every detail captured, from the invitations to the cake cutting? Or are the raw emotions between you and your partner saying your I Do's your vibe?

I've been doing this for a while, so I can guide you through all the options and help you craft a package that captures everything you've ever dreamed of.

My goal is to make this process as stress-free as possible for you. Forget sweating the details, just book a consult and let's chat & make your wedding  dreams a reality!

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