Photographer & Designer

Hi, I'm Helen! 

I'm a mother, I'm a wife, I'm a storyteller.

I'm here to tell your story!

No ridiculous posing or fake stuff - just real raw life in all the beauty that it is.


I'm obsessed with life, people, plants, coffee and wine and am constantly inspired by everyday life moments. I'm a natural light addict & my camera is always close by!


Connection is so important to me - learning all about you and your journey. It's about finding out what makes your heart skip a beat!

What can I do for you?

Need stunning photos and content that evokes emotion and captures life in all its glory? I'm your girl!

Helen has this ability to take someone and really see them and her work really reflects this.

Jade Scott

The Nomad Creative Plants

Trusted by companies and entrepreneurs
throughout the country

Half Baked Catering

Let's take your photos to the next level!

"Helen has an eye for capturing moments in the frankest most authentic way. She is talented at portraiture, capturing people beautifully as they are. Her photos are stunning, bringing out the best."

Kristy McGregor

Shepherdess Magazine

“I have learnt so much from Helen about how to really make social media work for my business - and her photos really reflect all the energy, love and detail that go into my handmade ceramic cups and domestic ware." 

Saskia Hendrikse

Saskia Hendrikse Pottery


“Helen is an incredibly genuine and kindhearted photographer to work with. She made me feel so comfortable during my shoot amongst the sunflowers and made the whole experience so fun! I can't recommend her enough she is such a fantastic creative.״ 

Hannah Gutry

Little Town Thrifts

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