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How to choose a wedding photographer!

Updated: Jun 15

Confetti cannons at the ready, babes!  Planning your wedding is no doubt an exciting whirlwind. But with so many details to consider, finding the perfect photographer can feel daunting.  Fear not! This guide will help you navigate the search and find the dream photographer to capture the magic of your wedding day.

Why Your Wedding Photographer Matters

Your wedding photos are more than just snapshots; they're cherished keepsakes that will transport you back to that special day for years to come, not just you but potentially your babies, and their babies will look back on these gorgeous moments.  The right photographer will capture the emotions, the laughter, the joy – all the little details that make your love story unique.

Finding Your Perfect Match

(We won't sugarcoat it!) Finding the right photographer isn't just about picking the prettiest pictures.  It's about finding someone who vibes with you, whose style reflects your vision, and who you feel comfortable having around on your biggest day.

Here are some key things to consider:

  • Know Your Style:  Do you love timeless elegance, light and airy feels, or bold and dramatic artistry?  Identifying your style preference will help you find photographers who specialize in capturing moments in a way that resonates with you.

  • Deep Dive Research:  Websites and social media are a great starting point.  Check out photographer portfolios and wedding facebook groups, but go beyond the curated content.  Watch their stories, check out their reels.  Do you feel a connection?  Does their personality and approach align with yours?

  • Feeling the Vibe:  You gotta know for sure. Most photogs will have a pressure free catch up about your day!  This is your chance to chat about your vision, ask questions, and most importantly, see if you click.  Remember, your photographer will be with you throughout one of the most special days of your life, so feeling comfortable and relaxed and feeling LIKE YOU around them is crucial.

The Magic Spark

The right photographer will make you feel seen and understood.  You'll chat, you'll laugh, and you'll leave that meeting feeling all buzzy and excited.  (That's a sign you've found your match!)

Ready to Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer? Schedule a chat and see if it's me ;-) No pressure here - even if we're not a match made in heaven talk you through your day and help you get just a tad more organised and in charge!

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