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My Maternity Shoot, by Olivia Lambourn

When you're usually the one capturing the memories in your family, it's a scary idea to be in front of the camera! 

But with a big milestone approaching for Josh and I - our first baby arriving in May, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to have such a special moment in our life captured. It symbolised so much more than just some photos to add to the phone storage. It was the end of just the two of us and a new chapter on the horizon.  I've never been one to get family photos done so we had no idea what to expect but it was better than we could have imagined so I'd love to share our experience with you.

Initially I knew I wanted photos captured but that was absolutely the extent of my planning and being in my third trimester, I really didn't have the energy to think anymore past that. So after speaking to Helen and booking a date, she provided us with some location options based on what type of images we wanted. She included the option to have some images captured on our family farm which was something both Josh and I were really keen to do.  The first thing you notice about Helen when she turns up is how easy going and chill she is. It's just like having a friend over for a Sunday morning coffee. We picked out a few outfits and made our way to our first photoshoot location in the forest.

Without making a big deal of an already uncomfortable situation, she started by getting some candid shots while we got ourselves ready. Her knowledge of what to capture is incredible. She gave us directions, got us into some beautiful poses and snapped away. She captured our fur babies and all the special moments in between. It really felt so easy! After five minutes, I really didn't feel uncomfortable at all anymore. It was just Josh and I and our three pups. It was such a special moment. Taking time to be on our farm, appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and just be with each other. 

We had so much fun capturing images in the forest, by the river and as the sun was setting, we snuck to the beach to get some incredible golden hour shots. I didn't know how the photos would turn out but by the enthusiasm and excitement in Helen's voice as she was capturing our special memory, I knew we were in safe hands. To say I was blown away was an understatement! I couldn't have imagined having more perfect images of this moment in time. Helen made our experience so easy. It's a really lovely thing to work with someone who is just so damn passionate about their work. It's obvious when you look back at our photos that they were just as important to Helen as they were to us. All I can say is I'm so, so happy we decided to book with The Nomad Creative and I couldn't recommend her enough to absolutely anyone who wants to capture the special bits in life.

From a very satisfied customer and her new little family of three - Liv, Josh and baby Hattie.

Liv xx

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